Opto_nuke Overview
Opto_nuke official Whitepaper, last edit Aug 26th 2021

What is Opto_nuke?

opto_nuke is an NFT firm working on the solana architecture, combining physical and virtual assets as NFTs. Our first art collection consists of re-flavored 1-of 1 dell optiplexes, each of these computers is sold with a corresponding 3d rending of the computer.

Opto_nuke tokens can take one of two forms, the first being a 3d model tokenized on An NFT art collection w/ IRL computers the optiplexes have risen against tyranny
while it's been a great year for laptops, the dell optiplexes stationed globally have been left behind. As offices shifted online, optiplexes were abandoned at abandoned at their cubicles, never to see a zoom call. when office jockeys returned , they sentenced decommissioning row, to end their indentured servitude to their cooperate overloads and to be washed of their crimes committed against humanity. Destined for recycling, they figured they might as well make a run for it...
background Liberation of the Optiplexes is a collection of 3d NFT Scenes containing 1-of-1 dell optiplexes given a new life. Each 3d NFT comes with a code phrase to redeem on our site or through email to arrange shipping of the physical computer. Note, computers are airbrushed by hand and may contain slight imperfections, images real build examples can be found on our website optonuke.io

About the Hardware

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About the Hardware

est price
i7 4770 3.4gz quad core
16gb ddr3
128gb ssd
2x 1gb amd 8490
Total ~ $500
Colors Revealed: 2/12 -
  • Fascist Fuchcia
  • Communism Cyan
every NFT(and corresponding physical) computer created is a 1-1 permutation of the colors above. The rarity of the NFT is determined by how many colors it contains, according to the table for the drop
How do I get the actual computer?
on successful purchase of an NFT, a code will be given. This code will be your proof of purchase that you will provide to us. We provide free shipping within the US and arrangements for international shipping can be arranged through our support department. If International shipping cost is more than 5% of the sale price the buyer will be asked to cover the additional cost in ETH.
After purchasing head to our site to claim your IRL build with the key phrase you unlocked, we will also email you the full 3d model, as the one on the blockchain is a gif https://optonuke.io/redeem.

Where to find us

We can be found both on Opensea and solsea. note collections determine what network the token is minted on. we will eventually be transferring into minting strictly on solana. Links to our current auctions can be fount on the these websites along with our social media platforms.
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